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We can offer the Client initial feasibility designs for any particular project; these may be simple thumbnail sketches to indicate what might be possible or fully informative sketches showing house type locations, garage, parking provisions and highway network layouts. The feasibility section can consist of development reviews and initial enquiries relating to any particular project.

The initial feasibility process will aid the Client in determining whether a project is commercially viable. Alternative feasibility designs on the same site can assess the merits of any particular scheme and guide the Client by identifying an economical advantage from one scheme to another. The feasibility stage identifies the potential value of a scheme allowing negotiations to take place between Client and Landowner.

The feasibility stage also allows early discussions with the Local Planning Authority to assess the chances of obtaining Planning Consent.

We offer further design services with a more detailed and precise approach taken to finalise the feasibility work already undertaken. This might take the form of specific designs and detailed sketches to allow the Client to review and approve the designs as they evolve. These initial design sketches can be used as a basis to prepare detailed planning design drawings, potentially for submission with a detailed Planning Application to obtain statutory consents or used as supporting documents in large schemes, or as indicative details in Outline Applications.

The Planning design stage will relate to specific projects and can include single individual house designs, or groups of houses that interact and compliment each other on a particular site. We also undertake multi-occupant designs such as apartment blocks, either as standalone designs or integrated into large schemes that contain a range of housing sizes or form part of a mixed use scheme. We can provide designs for one off house types or prepare designs for larger projects where a mix of housing styles are required.

Our design service includes preparing site layouts indicating the house types plotted in context with each other and how they might fit within existing developments. Our layout design work reflects our detailed knowledge of spatial standards, highway/pedestrian layouts, public and private amenity and where necessary incorporates specific design requirements of the Client, Local Authority or other controlling bodies.

We are able to collate this information and prepare Planning Applications for new developments. We provide supporting details for applications, such as written reports and, Design and Access Statements. We are able to act as Lead Design Consultants, where other specialist designers are involved in providing supporting details.

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